Copying Folders

As an administrator, you have the ability to 'copy' folders in the Manuals and Files tool. This functionality can be used to create copies of folders.

Copying Folders

See instructions below for copying folders:

1. Go to Communication → Manuals and Files

2. Click on the 'copy' icon next to the folder name (right-hand side)

3. In the prompt that appears, click on the Copy button

Once done, you should see a confirmation message at the top of the screen:

Example confirmation message of folder that was copied/duplicated

Note: The name of the item that you copy will have copy of appended to the front of it. Also, all files within the folder/sub-folder that you copied, will be 'inactive' and any external links will need to be generated upon activation.

Important: When folders are copied, completely new versions of these folders and the content within (e.g. sub-folders & files) are created. This means that, all folder, sub-folder and file IDs and links are different.

Bulk Copying Folders

Whilst it is not possible to 'copy' folders in bulk within the platform. Our Support Team can assist you with this.

To submit a bulk copy request, please contact our Support Team at

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