Adding Sections to Location Reviews

Sections are a way for you to divide the Location Review into smaller, more manageable parts. Unlike many other survey type tools, Location Reviews are divided even further into Sub Sections. Once the Location Review has been created, you are ready to start adding Sections, and Sub Sections, after which you will be able to add questions.

Adding Sections

In the Location Reviews tool, click on the name of the Location Review that you would like to add Sections to. After that, you should see a list of the names of any Sections that currently exist in that survey. Click the New Section button towards the top of the page to add a new Section to that survey.

New Section page

Here, you can simply enter the Name you would like to give to the section. When you are ready, click Save.

Adding Sub Sections

Once the Sections have been set up, you can begin creating Sub Sections using the button labeled New Sub Section. Like the New Section page, here you will also be able to enter a name, and the item under which it should belong.

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