Creating a Location Review

Now let’s see how we create the Location Reviews.

From a World Level account, go into the country then OperationsLocation Reviews and click on the New Location Review. From here, use the settings outlined below to set the parameters of the Location Review.


  • Name – The main reference given to this Location Review. This is the name that users will see when choosing a new Location Review to submit. 
  • Location Targeting – Used to determine which locations are available to choose from when this review is being submitted. See Targeting for more information on targeting selectors.
  • Review Submitters targeting selectors – Used to determine which users will be able to see and submit this review. See Targeting for more information on targeting selectors.
    (Whatever target groups and/or accounts are selected in this section have the ability to create, edit, complete and delete Location Reviews – within the same store, but regardless of hierarchy status.)
  • Review Recipients targeting selectors – Used to determine which users will be able to access this review. See Targeting for more information on targeting selectors.
    (Basically anyone targeted in this section simply gets notified of a Location Review once it is “Completed” (which happens once a submitter clicks the “Complete” button). They are not able to review and/or edit a Location Review in any way. They simply have read-only access to an already completed Location Review.)
  • Instructions – Text area that can be used to enter some text that will be shown to users before beginning this Location Review.
  • Recipient Notification – Enabling this option will ensure that this review triggers the relevant email and platform notifications. See System Email Templates for more information on the types of emails that would be issued by the Location Reviews tool.
  • Modifiable by Others – Enabling this option will allow targeted review submitters to modify the submitted answers before the review is completed.
  • Action Plan – Enabling this option will include an additional text field with the label 'Action Required' for every question in the review. These will form an Action Plan summary once the review is complete. This summary will appear at the start of the completed report.
  • Show Question Scores – This option will ensure that the score of individual questions are shown when viewing the results of this review. When turned off, only the total score will be displayed.
  • Allow Copying of Results – This option allows users to copy reviews created by themselves, their peers or managers. This helps saves time when a Manager wants to submit a “self-review” as a response to a review completed by their Area Manager. Rather than completing the whole review again, they can simply edit any sections in the location review where their opinion differs. As it is just a copy, the original review will remain unchanged. If this option is disabled, users can view but not copy or edit existing review.
  • Allow to Skip Sections – This option allows users who are completing the review to skip through sections without completing them right away. This can be useful if the auditor is completing a location audit and are working around the location. However, all required questions will need to be answered to be able to complete the review at the end.
  • Require Submitter Location - allows for recording the GPS location of the device the review is being completed on. 
  • Active – Turn this option on to make this Location Review available. This cannot be done until after sections and questions have been added.
  • Save – Press this button to create the Location Review.

What to do next

Once you have entered all the above information, you are ready to add Sections to the Location Review. See Adding Sections to Location Reviews for more information.

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