Registering Others for a Session

This article provides instructions on how to register other users for a session of an event. This will only be possible if the event has been setup for manager registration – otherwise, users will need to register themselves for the session.

The first step is to access the Events tool, found under the Communication suite in the toolbox.

Events tool, showing a single event

This page will initially show a list of events that are currently available. Find the event that you wish to attend, click its name, and you will be presented with its registration page.

Event Registration page

This page will show the details surrounding the event, as well as a table showing a list of the sessions that are available for the event. If manager registration is turned on (indicated in the event details by the value Manager or Either being shown against Registration), a button labeled Register Others will appear for each of the events. Clicking on this button will take you to a view of the Session Details page that allows for the selection of users.

Session Details, with user selectors

Similar to targeting selectors, this page includes tables with the names of users that both lie within your branch of the hierarchy, and have been targeted by the session. Simply click the checkboxes next to the names of those users that should be registered, and then click the Register button.

Note: If the event has been setup using the Single Session Only option, a user's name will not appear when attempting to register users, if that user has already been registered for a session belonging to this event.

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