Creating and Managing Fuel Gauges

World Manager level administrators are able to create and modify Fuel Gauges for the platform by accessing the Manage Fuel Gauges section within the Fuel Gauges tool, by going to: System → Fuel Gauges

From the 'Manage Fuel Gauges' page, you can:

  • Create new Fuel Gauges
  • Edit existing Fuel Gauges
  • Delete unused Fuel Gauges
  • Change the order of your Fuel Gauges
  • Modify the content allowed within each Fuel Gauge
  • Lock Fuel Gauge Sequence and/or Lock Content Sequence

Important: All of the below instructions assume that you are already on the 'Manage Fuel Gauges' page, under System → Fuel Gauges →  Manage Fuel Gauges.

Creating a new Fuel Gauge

1. Click on the New Fuel Gauge button

2. Enter the name for the Fuel Gauge

3. Check the "Optional Training" checkbox (if applicable)

Tip: When this option is enabled, My Training, Career Mapper and Performance Stats will not be calculated for tools assigned to this Fuel Gauge.

4. Select the types of content that you wish to allow within the Fuel Gauge

5. Click on the Save button (once done)

Once you have created the Fuel Gauge, it will appear in the list on the Manage Fuel Gauges page, where you can move it around or make changes to the content that you wish to allow inside it.

Editing Fuel Gauges

1. Click on the 'Edit' icon next to the Fuel Gauge you wish to edit

2. Make any required changes (e.g. name, completion type and allowed tools)

Note: Enabling/Disabling tools applies to when Administrators are managing content of that type. For example, if you enable the "E-Learning" option, that particular Fuel Gauge will be shown as an option in the 'Fuel Gauge' drop-down menu.

3. Click on the Update button (once done)

Important: When modifying what types of tools/content are allowed to be assigned to Fuel Gauges, some may appear to be "greyed out". This indicates that the type of content listed is currently assigned to that Fuel Gauge, therefore it is not possible to untick these tools, until the content is assigned to a different Fuel Gauge (or deleted).

Tip: Existing Fuel Gauges can be converted into Optional Training, simply by enabling the "Optional Training" checkbox. For more information, please refer to the Optional Training is Here! article.

Deleting Fuel Gauges

1. Click on the 'Delete' icon next to the Fuel Gauge you wish to delete

2. Once prompted to confirm whether you want to delete the 'Fuel Gauge', click on the OK button

Note: The 'delete' icon will only appear next to Fuel Gauges that do not have any content within them and can be removed.

Tip: If there is no 'delete' icon, this indicates that there is still content (currently) assigned to that Fuel Gauge. You will need to move (or delete) any/all assigned content to a different Fuel Gauge in order to see + use the 'delete' icon.

Changing the order of your Fuel Gauges

1. Find the Position drop down menu that corresponds to your Fuel Gauge

2. Change the drop-down to the position that you want the Fuel Gauge to take

Note: The Fuel Gauge that previously occupied that position will drop down one slot with all others.

Tip: We recommend working your way up through the list (e.g. starting from the lower-positioned Fuel Gauges).

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