Creating and Editing Email Templates

The forms for entering and updating email templates are identical in the various places they are found across the platform. This article provides an overview of the options that are available when doing so, as well as descriptions about where these templates can be found.

System Email Templates

Found under System Email Templates in the System Configuration tool (under the System suite), these email templates correspond to set functions found across the system, meaning that these templates cannot be created nor deleted – only edited.

Step 1 - Creating Email Template Types

Email template types can only be created at World level. However, they can be applied at both National and World level. Creating different templates allows each country to have separate templates, so that you can have different content for different countries (including images and tags).
If you wish to create separate email templates for different countries, you first need to create the email template type at World level, so they can then be applied at either World or National level. Please see instructions below:

  1. To create an email template type, go to: World Level → System → System Configuration → System Email Templates → Email Template Style
  2. From here, you can create each template style by selecting New Email Template Style. You can create multiple template styles or, alternatively, you can use a World level template style. In the example below, there are three (3) template styles; 'Australian Template', 'USA Template' and 'World Level Template'.

Note: The World Level Template is currently set as the 'Default'.

Step 2 - Applying Email Template Types to Email Templates

As mentioned above, you can apply one (1) World level template to all countries or, create separate email templates for each country on your platform.

National Level Template - Available from November 29th, 2017!

Note: Each template needs to be created at World level first in order to be used at National level

  1. To apply a National level template, go to: National Level → System → System Configuration → System Email Templates
  2. Choose the template from the tool you wish to update and then click the 'Edit' icon (highlighted in red below)
  3. Next you can select which National email template style you wish to use from the drop-down menu
  4. Edit the template specific to this country and then click on the Save button.

Note: Modifying this email template will create a National level template that will be applied to this country only.

World Level Template

World level templates are already set as default. To make changes to a World level template, go to: World Level → System → System Configuration → System Email Templates

and follow the same process as above.

Exit Interview Email Templates

At National level, these templates can be found by going to National Level → System → System Configuration → Human Resources→ Exit Interviews

New Exit Interview email templates can be created by clicking on the New Email button.

These email templates can then be selected during the creation or modification of Exit Interviews. See Creating an Exit Interview for more information on this.


  • Name – The main reference given to this email template. This option is not modifiable for System Email Templates. For other varieties of email templates, this name is used to distinguish it from other email templates, when a template is being selected for some content in the platform.
  • Email Template Style – A drop-down menu containing all the email template styles that have been made available. The style affects the visual presentation of the email, in terms of headers, footers, and colour theme. See Managing Email Template Styles for more information on this.
  • Subject – This is the subject of the email that gets sent to the email recipient.
  • Email – Rich text editor with auto replace tags. This editor is used to enter the main contents of the email that is sent to the email recipient, and should convey adequate information concerning the purpose of the email. A list of applicable auto replace tags are displayed on the right-hand side of the editor.
  • File – File upload field that can be used to upload a file that will be attached to the email.

Once this information has been entered or updated accordingly, press the Save or Update button to submit the form.

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