How to Create Custom Tabs Using the Form Generator

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on using the Form Generator. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a beginner just starting out, this resource is designed to enhance your user experience and improve your efficiency when creating custom tabs. This guide will  provide a step-by-step walkthrough to ensure you make the most out of our Form Generator tool.

Note: There are a few different form generators in the FranConnect product. However, they all behave in roughly the same manner. In this article, we will use the Sales Form Generator as an example.


What the Form Generator Does

The Sales Form Generator exists to customize the appearance of tabs on lead profiles contained in the Sales module. You can see these tabs in the screenshot below.


In this article, we will show you how to add new tabs or change the order of existing tabs in your FranConnect environment.

How to Access the Form Generator

In order to access the Form Generator, first log into your FranConnect environment. Click the gear icon at the top of the page to access your Admin settings.


From this page, click the Sales button on the left-hand sidebar and then click Manage Form Generator.


You will be taken to a page with instructions for the form generator. Read these instructions carefully. Once you have read all of the instructions, click Continue.


From here, you can either add tabs to be displayed on a lead profile or modify the order in which they appear.

How to Add a New Tab

To add a new tab, click the Add New Tab button.


You will see the following window pop up:


Give the tab a name and select the sub module. Choose the permissions you wish to give the tab. Then, confirm that the information you have entered is correct and click Save. Your custom tab has now been added.

How to Modify the Order of Tabs

In order to modify the order of tabs, return to the "Manage Form Generator" page and click Modify Tabs Position.


You will be taken to the following page:


From this page, you can drag and drop your tabs in the order you wish them to be presented. When you are finished ordering your tabs, click the Save button at the bottom of the page.


Having read this article, you should now be able to create your own custom tabs using the Form Generator.

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