Location Review & Incident Report Score Calculation

When a Location Review or Incident Report is submitted the score is calculated as the number of points obtained out of the total number of points obtainable.

  • (Points obtained) / (Points obtainable)

The question types below allow a score to be configured in the question's settings:

Question Types.PNG


The Multiple Choice & Tick box questions allow you to set the number of points obtainable per answer.

The answer that has the highest score is used to determine how many points the question should contribute towards the total score obtainable for the Location Review or Incident Report.

As an example, if there is a multiple choice question that has options with the scores 5, 10, & 15 points, then 15 points is used as the total achievable points for the question. 


Multiple Choice Question.PNG


The 'Allow N/A Answers' setting will remove a question from counting towards the total points. When the setting is enabled a new option will appear while submitting the form called 'N/A', which when ticked will cause the question to not contribute towards the total score. 

Note: When there have been changes made to a Location Review or Incident Report after the form is submitted, such as questions being removed, the score does not change. However when you view the score achieved per section & question, it will be updated to show the score achieved out of the current questions & score available.

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