Parts of the My Training page

This article will go into detail about all the components that make up My Training. By the end of this article, you should be familiar with how to navigate through the tool, as well as understand the different graphs that are displayed here.

Fuel Gauge list

Fuel Gauges act as containers for the different types of training content that you need to do, making it easier for you to manage your training completion, and breakdown the state of your progress. In My Training, this list also acts as a navigational tool – clicking on the Fuel Gauge will show the Training Content available in that gauge.

Example Fuel Gauge list

At the top of the list is a pie graph, showing the overall combined progress of all of your training, also expressed as a percentage in its centre.

Beneath the pie graph is the list of Fuel Gauges that are available to you. This list shows both, the name of the Fuel Gauge, as well as your progress through a bar chart. 

In the example above, the green colour represents passed or completed training, red indicates failed training, and the grey colour shows the amount of unattempted training.

Note: The colours used to represent different training status' may be different on your platform.

You can get a further breakdown of the training completion by hovering your mouse over parts of the graph.

Breakdown of progress

Training Content list

This page also shows the training content that is available for the currently selected Fuel Gauge, as well as your status for that content, and the score received for attempted content. 

Example Training Content list, showing content belonging to the Induction Training gauge

Clicking on the name of some content will take you to another page, prompting you to begin the training. The page you are taken to will depend on the type of content it is – see Completing Training Content for articles on completing different training content types. You can distinguish between content types by the icon shown to the left of the training's name.

Average Results tab

In the upper left corner of the page are two tabs that you can switch between. The default is My Training, but you can also switch to a tab labeled Average Results.

Average Results tab

Click this tab to see a table of statistics regarding your overall training progress. This includes things such as training completion, as well as time spent completing training, and the number of logins per month.

Table of average results

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