What is Geotagging?

Geotagging is the process of recording your geographical/location data by allowing a device access to your current location. This data can then be embedded into various types of media - e.g. forms, photos, videos and so on.

In the World Manager platform, the Location Reviews tool allows you to require a user to record their current location at the time of submitting a Location Review. This will help ensure the person submitting the form is physically on-site at the time and provide a record of this.

To enable this option, please do the following:

1. Go to 'Operations → Location Reviews'

Note: You must be at National level to view this tool.

2. Click on the New Location Review button

3. Complete the fields as required (refer to article Creating a Location Review for more information)

4. Ensure you check the "Require Submitter Location" option

Tip: This option can also be activated for existing Location Reviews.

Whenever this option is enabled, any/all user's who submit the Location Review will be prompted by whatever device they are using to allow access to their location. The system will then automatically record their coordinates by latitude and longitude, and display this on the page as the "GPS Location" (example below).

Tip: Clicking on the coordinates (or magnifying glass icon) will open Google Maps in a new window or tab and display your current location.

Attention: All user's must allow access to their location when prompted, otherwise they will not be able to proceed with Location Review process. If you experience any issues with this, don't receive a notification and/or see the below error message, please refer to the Geotagging Troubleshooting article.

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