Creating Sign Offs

This article provides details on the different options that are available when creating a Sign Off template.

Note: These are the same options shown when editing existing templates.

To begin creating a new Sign Off, go to Training → Sign Offs and click on the New Sign Off.


  • Name – The main reference given to this Sign Off. This is the name that users will see in their My Training tool.
  • Fuel Gauge – Which Fuel Gauge you wish for this module to appear under. See Fuel Gauges for more information.
  • Targeting selectors – Used to determine which users this Sign Off will apply to. The targeted users will see this Sign Off in their My Training tool, and their Managers will be able to update the state of their Sign Off. See Targeting for more information.
  • Marking Criteria – Used to upload a relevant file for the Sign Off. This file will be accessible to users targeted by the Sign Off, as well as Managers of those users that might sign them off.
  • Sign Off Refresh– Turning this option on will ensure that the status of this Sign Off is reset for a user, a set number of days after it was last set to pass for the user. Enabling this option will reveal the following additional fields:
    • Refresh after – Allows you to set the desired number of days before the Sign Off is reset.
    • Allow Managers to Override Refresh Dates – Allows managers to override refresh dates at sign off. See the Overriding Sign Off Refreshes article for more information.
  • Employee Acknowledgement – If turned on, employees will be required to acknowledge that their Manager has passed the Sign Off. Until the employee has acknowledged it, the Sign Off is not counted as complete in reports and Performance Monitor. This can be useful in circumstances where you would like signed off users to see any comments or attachments that were made by the Manager.
  • Limit Access – This option will ensure that only National Manager-level accounts will be able to update the status of this Sign Off.
  • Active – Turn this option on to make this Sign Off available.

Important: A Sign Off template must have (at least) 1x section in order to make it 'active'.

  • Save – Press this button to finally create the Sign Off.

What to do next

Once the Sign Off has been created, you then have to add sections to it. See Adding Sections to Sign Offs for further information.

Important: A Sign Off template must have (at least) 1x section in order to make it 'active'.

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