Starting an Incident Report

Incident Reports are started by going to the tool itself (under the Operations suite), and then clicking New Incident, taking you to the New Incident page.

New Incident Page

When beginning an Incident Report, the first page you will be presented with is the New Incident page, where a few bits of information will need to be provided. Once all the details have been supplied, press Begin to start the survey.

Example of a New Incident page

Specific Details

  • Incident Type – Dropdown containing the names of the available types of Incident Reports for you to submit.
  • Description – A required text input field where you can enter a fitting description. This is the main way that submitted incidents of this type are distinguished by your Managers.
  • Area – The available areas that you can submit the Incident Report for.
  • Location – The available locations that you can submit the Incident Report for.
  • Incident Date – The date and time that the incident took place.
  • Instructions – Any further information that should be taken into consideration when completing the report will be displayed here, below the incident date.

Page Buttons

  • Back – Returns the user to the main Incident Reports tool page.
  • Begin – Use this button to start the Incident Report.

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