Creating Goals

Goals are created by Admin level users within the hierarchy (National or World Managers). 

To create a Goal, go into the Country - Operations - Goals - New Goal

Name the goal or the project.

Set who the Owner of the project is – simply start to type their name in and it will load all options.

# From this stage, the below actions can also be actioned by the Owner of the Goal.

Add any additional contributors to work on the goal.

Choose to attach content – this could be an ACTIV on the goal, external content via a URL or an attached document

Write in the outcome or overall objective of the goal.

Set the start date and deadline

Select for a reminder email to be set – this will send a reminder email a certain time before a deadline

So that not every contributor needs to see all the milestones if they may not be relevant to them you could choose to hide milestones – only the targeted contributors would see the milestones attached to them

Locking a milestone sequence will mean that the milestones will have to be worked on in date sequential order – to complete them they will have to work on in date order.

We can’t make this Active just yet as we need to add in milestones first.

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