Articulate Rise 360 Guide

This guide will run you through the basic requirements and recommended settings to use when creating SCORM content with Articulate Rise 360 for use within the World Manager platform.

Creating your Module

In this stage, you can create your content as you see fit, but pay attention to the setup and configuration options below to make sure things work smoothly when you finally upload the SCORM to the platform.

Setting SCORM Version

To ensure that the content published by Rise is compatible with the World Manager platform, its output setting must be set appropriately.

Setting Completion Criteria

There are three ways that Articulate Rise can use to determine and report whether or not a user has passed the module: by the number of slides that the user has viewed, by the result of a quiz in the module, or by the completion of a particular Storyline block.

Unlike other SCORM authoring tools, the course completion and the score reported to the LMS will both be determined by the same export setting, which is called 'Tracking'.

  • Track using Course Completion: When this option is selected, your completion will be tracked using the content viewed or interacted with. Your completion is checked every time you access a new section in the course, and if the course has not marked as completed, re-viewing a section will trigger the course's completion. If this option is chosen, the score reported to the LMS will be based off of the amount of content that has been viewed and not the results of any quizzes in the course.
  • Track using Quiz Results: When this option is selected, your completion will be tracked using the results of the selected quiz in the course. The course completion will be checked after the quiz has been completed. This option is preferred if you want to report on the SCORM accurately using the quizzes' results.

  • Track using Storyline Block: When this option is selected, you can use an Articulate Rise course in conjunction with a Storyline 360 course, and track completion after the completion of a 'Story Block'. This option is rarely used.

Setting Status Types

To ensure the platform will be able to properly recognise the completion and outcome of the module, the LMS Reporting setting in Articulate 360 must be set correctly.

The reporting options available are below:

  1. Passed/Incomplete
  2. Passed/Failed
  3. Completed/Incomplete
  4. Completed/Failed

All of these options are accepted by the LMS. We recommend using Passed/Incomplete as the default setting.

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