Whitelisting Emails

A large number of tools in the World Manager platform send out email notifications, and these emails are sent from our worldmanager.com mail server.

The system email address these are sent from can be set up as anything you prefer, but the default is always a no-reply address, based on your platform's (default) URL (e.g. no-reply@platform.worldmanager.com). Irregardless of what the system email address is set to, though, emails are always sent from the worldmanager.com domain via our mail server.

Tip: For more information on configuring a system email address, see this article: Email Settings.

Due to this functionality, there is potential for some emails to fail, get blocked, appear as spam and so on. Therefore, we highly recommend whitelisting our mail server's IP address (on your end), to ensure there are little-to-no issues sending/receiving emails from your platform.

What IP address do I need to whitelist, and why?

Whitelisting our mail server's IP address (or host name) will ensure that any/all emails sent via your World Manager platform are exempt from being rejected and get delivered without issue or delay.

Tip: If you are unsure of how to whitelist an IP address and/or domain name, please consult your IT department.

Our mail server's IP address is:

Alternatively, you can use our mail server's host name (if preferred), which is: smtp.worldmanager.com

Emails being delivered as spam?

When emails get delivered as spam (or potential spam), the most common reasons make reference to "fraud" or "spoofing". Both of these errors relate to the same email security function, called; Sender Policy Framework (SPF).

After receiving this type of error, we typically get a request to provide an SPF record. While this error message specifically mentions "spoofing", the cause of it is actually quite broad. However, in all cases, whitelisting our IP address resolves this issue.

Example of email received as potential spam (Microsoft Outlook)

Tip: Further to the above, there are many other reasons emails are delivered as spam, such as; strict incoming mail rules, spam filter configuration, stand-alone mailbox settings etc. If whitelisting our IP address does not resolve this issue for you, please consult your IT department to determine what other (internal) network settings could be blocking emails. 

So, do I need an SPF record?

In short, no.

An SPF record is set up by the owner of a domain (only) and is used to prevent spammers from sending messages that are forged (or spoofed) to appear to come from someone else's domain that doesn't belong to them.

At World Manager, we already have an SPF record configured for our worldmanager.com domain that emails are sent from. Therefore, you are not required to have one on our behalf. In most cases, whitelisting our IP address (as mentioned above) is all you need to do to ensure emails are received correctly.

The only time an SPF record is required from your end, is if you are using your own email addresses, from your domain (e.g. email@yourdomain.com) to send out emails from the platform.

Tip: For more information on SPF, see this article: Setting up an SPF Record.


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