Updating Goal and Milestone Progress

An owner or contributor for the goal can see it in their Goals widget or by going into the Goals tool.

Their current Goals and the owner, deadline and status is shown top level.

By clicking into the goal, they have to ability to see all milestones (or only the one’s targeted to them, depending on the initial settings).  The owner or contributor can update the progress and add in any notes for the specific milestone or the Goal/Project as a whole.

Any notes being added will send an email out to all the contributors.

There is also the ability to receive emails for when a goal or a milestone is nearing the completion date – as a reminder that this needs to be actioned.

Once all the milestones are at 100% the goal will have a status of complete.

SYSTEM CONFIGRUATION NOTE – you can create and manage the Statuses in System Suite - System Configuration - Goals

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