Creating a KPI Template

This article provides details on the different options that are available when creating KPI Templates. These are the same options shown when editing existing KPI Templates. 

Example of KPI Template form

Note: Only Administrators (World Manager and National Manager group accounts) can create a KPI template, is not possible for other group accounts to create one, only view results and create objectives.


  • Name – The main reference given to this KPI Template. This is the name that users will see in their KPI tool.
  • Targeting selectors – Used to determine which users will be able to see and undertake the KPI. See Targeting for more information.
  • Instructions – Text area that can be used to enter some text that will be shown to users before beginning this KPI.
  • Submission Date – Choose a date that the KPI(s) must be completed by.

Note: Once this date rolls over, the KPI becomes locked and you cannot add any more objectives, only actuals.

  • Appraisal– Select an Appraisal to link to the KPI [optional].
    • Appraisal Weight – This option will show the combined, overall score of a KPI + Appraisal. It will only appear if you have selected an Appraisal from the drop-down list.

Note: You must ensure that the chosen Appraisal is available to whomever this KPI is targeted to.

  • Save – Press this button to create the KPI Template.

What to do next

Once you have created the KPI Template, it is now time to add a section/sections. See Adding Sections to KPI Templates for more information.

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