Fix Broken Notices Page Issue

The purpose of this article is to provide you with an overview & solution to seeing a broken/non-formatted page when attempting to view your Notices. See example screenshot below:

Why has this occurred?

This occurs when video attachments in a Notice have a codec-related issue. This codec issue causes the page formatting to not load properly, giving the appearance of a 'broken' page.

Which Notice is the cause?

In order to locate the Notice(s) causing this issue, go through your 'active' Notices and look for any that contain a video attachment.

To determine which Notice(s) are the problem, simply deactivate them - one-by-one - then reload the Notices view page. If the page loads correctly/formatted, then you have found the culprit.

Important: Even if you can download + view the video attachment fine, this is not an indication that there is no (codec) issue.

So, how can I fix it?

Unfortunately, we are unable to determine what the issue with the video attachment is exactly (again, codec-related). However, simply re-saving the video file (using video save/convert software) & re-attaching it will resolve the issue.

Tip: Make sure you test the new file before making the Notice live for all users (again). We also recommend leaving the (problem) Notice(s) 'inactive'.

Note: For more information on fixing video issues, please refer to the Fixing Video Encoding Issues article.


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