Submitting a Reply

This article provides information on the process of submitting a reply to a topic, and the various options available when doing so.

This is done by first opening the Forum tool (found under the Communication suite), clicking on the name of the relevant forum, then the name of the topic that should be responded to. From there, clicking the Reply tab will reveal a form for creating the new reply.


  • Rich Text Editor – The first item in this form is a rich text editor that allows you to enter the contents of the reply.
  • Notify me of replies – Turning this option on will ensure that any future replies made in this topic trigger a notification email, as well as a mobile push notification to the poster's mobile device. For this functionality to be effective, either an email address must be listed in the poster's profile, or the mobile app must be installed on their mobile device, with notifications turned on.
  • Attached files – This section contains file upload fields, allowing the user to include files in the reply. Adding a file will reveal subsequent file upload fields, allowing for multiple files to be uploaded. If a file is uploaded mistakenly, simply check the Remove checkbox to its right, and the file will not be included upon reply submission.

Once these details have been entered, click the Save button to create the topic.

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