Exporting a List of Atendants to an Event

In this article, we will review how to export a list of Attendants from a specific section within an Event. To be able to export a list of attendance it is possible by going to: 

  1. Communication → Events → Here click the name of the Event where you want to get the list of attendance

  2. Locate the specific session you would like to get a report from and click on View (magnifying glass icon)

  3. Here you will see a list of all attendants and the button Export and Print, these buttons will export the information in different formats the first one will create a Comma Separated Value Excel file (.csv) and the second one a PDF file (.pdf) 

Note: Both marking attendance and creating Events are functions available for Admin Accounts only (World and National Managers), The Manager and Employee roles are not able to complete any of these actions. For more information on this please check the following articles: Marking Attendance for a Session or Creating an Event


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