Human Resources Suite Overview

This HR suite consists of one of the world’s most comprehensive sets of HR online tools to dramatically increase optics into employee engagement, satisfaction, personal development, and the overall employee lifecycle.

Online Recruitment

The online recruitment tool advertises positions on internal job noticeboards, company websites or external employment sites, collecting all applicants in one central talent pool. Design questionnaires to filter out applicants and process through the E-recruitment stages from scheduling interviews to hiring.

Self / Peer / Two Way Appraisals

Deliver self-appraisals, peer reviews or two-way evaluations for front line staff and management. Automated reporting creates detailed statistics on employee feedback. Create development plans and align employee goals to company targets.

KPI Tracking

Allow managers & employees to collaborate on setting & measuring an employee’s performance objectives for the year. Use in conjunction with the annual performance appraisals process to set specific targets for individuals and then later, record their actual results against those targets.

Exit Interviews

Survey exiting employees for powerful private feedback. Create exit surveys based on employee levels with automated launch dates, email reminders and deactivation time periods all within the HR software.

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