Filtering Workflows

Templates, Campaigns, and Workflows are the key steps in FranConnect’s Sales, Info Manager and Marketing applications.  It begins when a template is created and added to a campaign. Once a workflow is created based on the desired criteria and conditions, then the campaign is associated to be delivered to the leads. There comes a challenge in larger organizations where multiple brands are involved and numerous types of workflows may need to be managed. FranConnect System offers handy tools to prioritize and filter workflows as desired.

In this article, we will discuss how to manage workflows in the Sales application.

You can start of by selecting the Workflows from Sales.

Click on Ordering Icon from the right.

Select any Filter: Updated On, Updated By, Based on or Search by Workflow name.

Click Save View to retain these filter options.

Click Apply Filters.


Additionally, you can set priority of the Workflows.

Click Set Priority from the Workflows screen on the right.


Click on the Priority Icon on the left and drag and position the order and set.

Click Modify.







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