Skins Permissions

The Skins tool is only accessible by admin-level accounts within the 'World Manager' (WM) role. However,  not all WM-level accounts have access to the Skins tool, as the (custom) account permission required to view/manage this tool is disabled by default.

In order to allow relevant WM users access to this tool, the applicable permission must be enabled. See instructions below:

1. Edit the user's profile (click HERE for instructions)

2. Click on the 'Account' tab

3. Under the Permissions field, choose the "Custom" option -- this will display a full list of all applicable permissions (based on the user's role)

4. Under the System section, tick the "Skins" option

5. Click on the Update button

Once saved, the user will now be able to view/manage Skins. For more information, please refer to the Creating and Managing Skins article.

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