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Sign Offs are a great way to mark, record, and keep track of non-digital progress about your trainees. This can include a wide range of things from government-issued accreditation, to in-person training. In situations where large groups of trainees go through in-person group training, managers can easily sign off on their trainees in bulk.

The trainee will see what they need to have achieved and their manager or the assessor will be able to mark them off.

Managing Sign Offs

Sign Offs can only be managed by an existing 'RTO Admin' account. Please see instructions below:

1. Log in with your 'RTO Admin' account

2. Go to 'Training → Sign Offs'

Here you will see a list of existing Sign Offs (if any), as well as be able to create new ones.

Creating a Sign Off

1. Click on the New Sign Off button

2. Complete all required fields

3. Select the Fuel Gauge the Sign Off will be placed in from the 'Fuel gauge' drop down

Note: Fuel Gauges can only be created via the System Suite, outside of the Education Suite.

4. Next to 'File' click on the Choose File button to add an attachment [optional]

5. Tick the box next to 'Sign Off Refresh' if you would like the Sign Off to reset after a period of time [optional]

6. Tick the box next to 'Employee Acknowledgement' if you would like to require employees to acknowledge the results of the Sign Off [optional]

7. Tick the box next to 'Limit Access' if you would like to restrict the ability to complete the Sign Off to National Manager or higher account groups [optional]

8. Tick the box next to 'Active' if you would like to make this Sign Off active and appear in training [optional] 

9. Click on the Save button (once done)

Creating a Task

Tasks are an easy way to provide further information about what needs to be achieved in the Sign Off. To add a task to a Sign Off, please see instructions below:

1. Click on the New Task button

2. Complete all required fields

3. In the Sign Off field, select the Sign Off you wish to attach the Task to

3. Click on the Save button (once done)

Tip: Once you have finished creating the Sign Off, it can then be assigned to a Qualification. Please refer to the Qualifications article for further information.

Note: If you do not have an existing 'RTO Admin' account, please contact for assistance.

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