World Manager - Online Community Training

Once you are part of the World Manager community, you have access to our Online Community (OC) platform, which you can access at any time to engage with World Manager staff and users, as well as learning material to better understand how your World Manager platform works, and how you can customise it to represent your Brand.

Accessing the OC Platform

To access the OC platform, simply go to My Tools → Online Community on your platform, which will redirect you to the OC. This menu option is available to World Manager and National Manager accounts only.

Note: To have this option visible on your toolbox, you must ensure the 'Online Community' tool is enabled for the applicable user groups in the Fusebox. To view/edit this permission, please go to: System → System Configuration → Fusebox.

Tip: Explore the OC Dashboard, which contains a wide range of widgets, such as; updates, tool questions/answers, upcoming event registrations, logging a Service Desk ticket and more.

Accessing Learning Content

Upon logging in, go to Training → My Training to access any available learning material.

This learning material is organised in various Fuel Gauges according to the different products, more commonly referred to as 'tools', that the platform offers. For example, on the OC platform you will see the following:

  • Setting Up your Platform
  • System
  • Train & Develop
  • Communication
  • Operations and Human Resources

Inside the Fuel Gauges, you will find various modules, each of which outline the different tools available in the platform, as well as how they work and the best ways to take full advantage of them.

To start a module, simply click on the name within the Fuel Gauge, then click on the Begin button.

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