System Configuration - System Email Templates

This section of System Configuration is used to modify the contents of the different types of emails that are sent out by the platform, as well as the creation and modification of the different styles that can be applied to these emails.

Management Tables

The initial page seen when first accessing System Email Templates in System Configuration is made up of a number of similar tables, each of which contain information about the different emails that are sent out by a particular tool.

System Email Template Management

Specifically, you are shown the name of the email template, and a description that provides details about how that type of email is triggered.

Clicking on the name of the email template will allow you to edit it (see Creating and Editing Email Templates for information on the process), and you are also provided a Preview button that you can use to see how the email will be appear to recipients (using the Email Template Style that has been applied to the template).

The email template's Active icon can be clicked to toggle it between being active and inactive. 

Attention: Deactivating an email template will prevent that type of email from being sent out of the platform.

Email Template Style

At the top of this page is a button labeled Email Template Style

This button leads to a section where you can create, modify, and manage the different email template styles that can be applied to email templates. See Email Template Styles for more information.

For an overview of Email Templates please take a look at the following video. 



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