System Configuration - Manage UOC

Units of Competency, or UOC, are used to create a specification of training, which is made up of Qualifications that you set up in your Education Suite, as well as Units.

Note: Course Units and Codes are typically obtained from the various training institutions. However, you can also use your own in-house ones (if applicable).

Managing UOC

UOC content can only be managed by an existing 'RTO Admin' account. Please see instructions below:

1. Log in with your 'RTO Admin' account

2. Go to 'System → System Configuration'

3. Click on the Manage UOC button

Here you will see a list of existing UOCs (if any), as well as be able to create new ones.

Creating a UOC

1. Click on the New UOC button

2. Complete all required fields

Tip: To list existing courses, units and/or codes, type 3x percentage symbols into the fields (e.g. %%%). This will trigger the auto-search function, and display a list of options to choose from - should you wish to re-use some of them in different UOCs.

3. Click on the Save button (once done)

Removing a UOC

1. Click on the Manage UOC button

2. Click on the 'Group Name' (of an existing UOC)

3. Click on the 'Course Name'

4. Click on the 'delete' icon beside each 'Unit Name'

5. Repeat Step 3 & 4 (if there are multiple courses within the UOC)

6. Once all units have been removed, the UOC will disappear from the main page

Note: If you do not have an existing 'RTO Admin' account, please contact for assistance.

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