Assign Trainers

The Assign Trainers page will display a list of all trainees that have been enrolled into a qualification. Here you can manage which Trainer is assigned to each trainee (individually).

Assigning Trainers

Trainers can only be assigned by an existing 'RTO Admin' account. Please see instructions below:

1. Log in with your 'RTO Admin' account

2. Go to 'Administration → Assign Trainers'

3. In the Change field, select an available Trainer from the drop-down menu

4. Repeat Step 4 (to assign Trainers to other trainees)

Tip: If you require assistance with bulk assigning Trainers, our Support Team can help with this task. Please put together a list/spreadsheet of Trainee platform IDs, as well as the Trainer platform ID(s) for each, then send it through to

Note: If you do not have an existing 'RTO Admin' account, please contact for assistance.

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