Training - Assignments

Assignments allow trainers to set open-ended questions for trainees. The answers can be entered directly into the platform via a text entry form, or the trainee can upload a file that contains the answer/s required. This tool is similar to the Written Test tool however it also includes notifications that will be sent to the RTO Trainer when an assignment has been completed.

The trainee will see the question they are asked, with a space to add in their response, as well as an option to upload a file. Once the trainee has responded, the assigned RTO Trainer will be notified that they have an Assignment waiting to be marked.

The trainer can see the completed assignment by going to 'Training → Assignments' and selecting the trainee, followed by the specific Assignment waiting to be marked. The trainer has the ability to download marking criteria and mark either "Competent" or "Not Yet Competent". They are also able to provide feedback for the trainee to see.

Note: Once this has been marked the trainee can see that its status has changed.

Managing Assignments

Assignments can only be managed by an existing 'RTO Admin' account. Please see instructions below:

1. Log in with your 'RTO Admin' account

2. Go to 'Training → Assignments'

Here you will see a list of existing Assignments (if any), as well as be able to create new ones.

Creating an Assignment

1. Click on the New Assignment button

2. Complete all required fields

3. Fill out the 'Question' field with a question you would like the trainees to answer

4. In the Learning Material field, click the Choose File button to attach a document with reference material for trainees [optional]

5. In the Marking Criteria field, click the Choose File button to attach a document that will provide guidance to trainers on how to mark the answer [optional]

6. Click on the Save button (once done)

Tip: Once you have finished creating the Assignment, it can then be assigned to a Qualification. Please refer to the Qualifications article for further information.

Note: If you do not have an existing 'RTO Admin' account, please contact for assistance.

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