Training Academy Workflow

There are 3 steps to enrol a Trainee into the Training Academy:

  1. Enabling the Trainee to apply
  2. The Trainee submits an application form
  3. The Trainee is enrolled by an RTO admin.

1. Enabling the Trainee to apply

An RTO Admin or the account's manager can start the enrolment process by editing the account in the 'Enrolments' tool by ticking 'Enable Enrolment'.

Note: The account's manager will only be able to start the enrolment process if the 'Training Academy Restriction' setting for the account's country allows their level to process trainees.

2. The Trainee Submits an Application form

After the Trainee has been enabled to apply for the academy they will see an application form the next time they log into the platform.The Trainee will get the opportunity to specify their preferred qualification when they fill out the application form.

3. RTO Admin enrolling a Trainee

The RTO Admin can now enrol the Trainee into a qualification.The Trainee will appear for the RTO Admin when "Ready to be Enrolled" is selected in the "Application Status" filter on the Enrolments page. 

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