Training Academy for the Employee

When the Training Academy has been enabled for a particular employee, also referred to as a 'student' or 'trainee', they will see the following notification/message (below) on their Dashboard upon their next login, which displays the content of your "Pre-Application" Student Declaration.

Note: Clicking on the Apply button, will redirect the user to an application form they need to complete in order to enrol.

Clicking on the Decline button will skip this and redirect the user to the (main) Dashboard.

Lastly, clicking on the Not Now button will simply bypass this request temporarily, and redirect the user to the (main) Dashboard. The message will reappear upon the user's next login.

Once the trainee has applied and is enrolled, they will notice a new tool under the 'My Training' menu item (left side), called "Training Academy".

Initially when a trainee accesses the Training Academy tool, they will be able to see any communication from their Trainer. They also have the ability start a new 'Topic' with their Trainer at any time, by clicking on the New Topic button.

If the trainee clicks on the My Training button at the top of the page, they can view their qualification's Fuel Gauges, which they can then click on to access their allocated training. There is also a link to access their 'Training Plan'.

Note: The 'Training Plan' is a record of the trainee's (overall) progress. It lists all of the courses and units that are to be completed within their allocated qualification, as well as the current status of each. Trainees are also able to print this record as a PDF, or export it to CSV format.

A key feature of the Training Academy tool, is the ability for your existing content to be mapped to a qualification, so an employee does not have to re-do content again. Therefore, existing content can be mapped or measured against that of the qualification.

The employee will work through their content which can comprise of; E-Learning, Sign Offs, Written Tests, ACTIV, SCORM and Assignments. These tools are primarily the same as those found in the (regular) Training Suite, with the exception of the Assignment tool - which is exclusive to the Education Suite.

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