Training Academy Overview


The Training Academy tool allows you to create a customised online training academy and deliver nationally accredited qualifications with any training provider. Your training academy will offer employees, managers and leaders recognition for learning on-the-job, as well as offer learning pathways and development opportunities to establish their careers in the industry. It is designed to manage the enrollments, delivery and tracking of all accredited training to your employees and managers.

The Training Academy sits within the Training suite. An administrator will need a special account to be able to see it (i.e. you can’t see it through a WM account). This is referred to as a suite because an administrator can see a suite of tools, however to a user (Student/Trainee) it will just look like one tool in the Training suite. 

The Training Academy can be viewed from several levels depending on what you need to do within this suite.

Automate Enrollments

The five stage enrollment process is fully automated and has specific functions for each party to play their role as required. Auto-eligibility checks, employer approvals, student applications, traineeship sign-ups and entry assessments are all designed so everyone gets notified when it is their turn to do their part.

Student Messenger

Trainers and students can send messages to each other directly in the training academy. This allows for constant communication and individual support for the student.

Tracking & Reporting

The Training Academy tracking feature allows everyone to keep track of participants who report to them. They can see eligibility and enrollment reports, access student results, view training plans and of course track completion rates at a glance, which can all be exported in to reports.

Academies for your Brand

The Academies are developed through our partnership with World Learning Centre who can tailor programs to your education and training requirements. WLC is in the business of creating engaging learning experiences and is our gateway partner for brands and the training organisations to access the Training Academy. WLC offer a customisable accredited course library and specialise in the development and delivery of branded academy programs on the World Manager platform.


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