Install the Email Uploader Add in for Outlook using Office 365

Continuous communication between prospects and lead owners is important for growth and success of every franchise development. Emails from leads and contacts that are received outside of FranConnect system cannot be tracked and recorded in the activity history.

FranConnect’s new Email Uploader Add in for Outlook makes it convenient for Office 365 users to now track these emails.
In this guide, we will cover how to install the add in for Outlook Email Uploader Tool.

You start off from Office Store Icon on the latest Outlook version.
Click on Office Store Icon.
Click on the Add-Ins Tab.
Search for FranConnect.
From the search results, push the Off to On.

You can also install this Add in if you are not an Office 365 user.

The Add-Ins tab in the Ribbon and the COM Add-Ins screens are not related to this Office 365 feature.
These provide support for older Outlook extensions, not the new ones which work through the Microsoft Store.
Log into the Outlook web interface.
Select an email in the inbox or open the Compose Email screen.
Locate FranConnect icon that appears on the right side.

Right-click on the Ribbon in Outlook and make sure that the Open FranConnect button is enabled.
Click Reset > Reset Customizations on the Customize Ribbon screen.

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