Move a location from In Development to Terminated in Info Manager

A successful organization is always looking to develop business all over the country and internationally. This signifies why communicating with contacts is crucial for success in a fast-growing competitive world.

At times, Franchise locations can no longer be deemed open, Corporate Teams would need to dispose the details by archiving it. Using the Terminated Tab in Info Manager is never advised as the location was never marked Open while in development stage. It is recommended that Corporate users mark these locations as archived within the “In Development” Tab of the Info Manager. In this guide, we will cover how to archive a location in the “In Development” Tab.

From the Info Manager, click on In Development Tab.

Checkmark the location and from the Green Actions, select Archive.



In any case, if the Franchise Location which is In Development Tab needs to be seen under Terminated Tab, the location should be Marked as Open.


This way the location is moved to Franchisees Tab and then termination details can be entered from the Default Termination Tab.

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