How do I Manage User Accounts

To manage user accounts, go to the corresponding user page where you will find the list of users. 

Admin > Users.

7-19-2022_11-10-07_AM.pngYou can use the Search option at the top to search for different users. 

To view information for a specific user, click the account hyperlink to open the information about that user account.


To modify a user account, use the action wheel for a variety of functions, such as modify, change password, deactivate and delete.

Modifying a user is just like having them modify their information on the options page beneath their name.

It is a best practice for your users to keep their information up to date.

Updating passwords works the same way.  Clicking Change Password allows you to reset a user’s login password although a best practice is for them to manage this themselves using the password tab in options or the forgot password link in the main FranConnect login page. 

Users in FranConnect remain active indefinitely unless you’ve made them a guest user or unless you deactivate them.  When a user is deactivated, the user can no longer log into FranConnect. 

Clicking Deactivate next to a user’s name will remove their access from the system. 7-20-2022_10-39-27_AM.pngIf you need to reactive a user, you can, as deactivated users are never permanently deleted. You can go to the deactivate users page and reactivate as necessary. 

It is always a best practice to deactivate users rather than delete.    7-20-2022_10-40-52_AM.png7-20-2022_10-52-41_AM.png

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