Development page in Information Manager

The In Development page in Information Manager lists locations that are currently in the Opener module so you can collect information about the location as if they had a Franchisee record in the Franchisee page.  In Development represents those locations that are currently in the build out phase and are not yet operational.  In Development helps you separate locations being built from royalty reporting Franchisees.



When a Sales lead purchases the franchise and becomes an owner, you use the “Move to Opener” option from the Action Wheel.  You complete the location form then the Opener and In Development records are created. 


You can begin to use the In Development record as you would a record under the Franchisee page.  Once the In Development location becomes a royalty reporting franchisee, you will move them to Information Manager which will take them out of In Development and put them under the Franchisee page. 


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